Hey how are you?

We just came from one of our newest coming soon listings and it is really exciting!

You know what, its Spring! The weather is slowly heating up, the market is quickly heating up. And its actually, very very exciting! 🙂 (Huge momentum!!)

When you’re looking to sell your home… there are certain things you can’t change.

You can’t change the location of your home, where it is.

But, when you’re the seller, you have A LOT of control over the process. As a buyer, you only have so much control, as a seller, you actually have a lot of control over the process.

So, whats what I love guiding people through.

There are many sides to it.. lets say.. price for example.

Its one of the MOST important things.

We are going to price the home very well. We are going to look at a lot of comparables. We are going to price it very very well. And I won’t talk too much about that right now. Its a big subject. We can connect and talk about your situation. Because thats the thing, right. Everyones situation is different. We are going to look at your exact situation.

So there’s price, there is condition. The condition of the home, is very important. Of course, that correlates with price. With the condition of the home, we are going to make it shine. We re going to do low cost, high impact items. And it is something that we really want to have lined up very well.

Location, price, condition. These are some of the main things.

The secret weapon… is the marketing.

If you’ve seen my videos before.. you know we do a lot of video marketing.. a lot of social media marketing. Its all about connecting with people in relevant ways. In exciting ways. Its just one fo those things where we don’t bug people… we draw people in. Because people love talking about homes! Love going on! I love looking at homes, as so many people love it as well. We’re all about that excitement, the momentum.

Our marketing is just really fun!

So, we generate amazing results.

And thats what we always say, its all about he best results for you. And for your family.

And its serious business! How often do you sell a home, how often have you sold your home? Maybe 0? Maybe 5 times at the high end?

Its very important. Its an exciting time, its an important time. Its your largest, for most people, largest financial asset.

Its Spring, its exciting!

[ see video for more talking! 😉 ]

Any questions, let me know. I look forward to hearing from you!


Brian Keith Ellis, Real Estate Sales Representative

Keller Williams Golden Triangle Realty

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