BEST Conversations!

BEST Conversations!



November is adoption awareness month. 

What an AMAZING, informative, encouraging, enlightening, revealing, shocking, wonderful, fun, interview style conversation with the three couples at different stages in their adoption journeys.

Featuring the wonderful: Halls, Schultz, and Toohey families. ? Thank you for sharing!! The highs, the lows, the ups, the downs. 

In this video, we cover:

Shining a light into the adoption process, the highs and lows, through sharing stories and experiences so we can all learn together, and as a society, where so little is known about the life changing blessing of adoption. 

A lot of the questions are from people too that are so curious about adoption and couples that may soon decide, hey, let’s start the adoption process. Info is power and info from real people like yourselves is very valuable! 

— What lead you to adoption? 

— What are the types of adoption? What did you choose, and why? 

— How long did you think I about it before saying hey yes let’s adopt?

— What advice do you have for someone considering adoption?

—  Can you describe some if the highs and lows of your adoption journey?

— Can we discuss open adoptions? What is it?

— Do you have any encouragement for someone considering adoption? 

— What shold people not say? Like when someone is expecting a baby biologically, there are so many wrong things people say to them! Help us know what not to say! 🙂

— How has the age of covid-19 effected adopting?

— Most touching moment so far with adoption? 

—  Adopting and Forster to adopt. 

— Adoption timelines. How long does it take? 

— More boys or girls for adoption? 

Relatable real info… emotion connecting stories…. personal experience and advice and thoughts, first hand. 

THANK YOU, Tim and Jess, Sean and Stacey, Tim and Jess!!!

— Stay tuned everyone for further topics of discussion…




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