BEST cookies! — Made for Family Day Client Appreciation Event 2019


These were beautiful AND delicious!

Thank you Sweet Pea Cookies!

— I first came accross Sweet Pea Cookies when they made some beautiful cookies for the Coldest Night of the Year.

Impressive, right?!

From start to finish Sweet Pea Cookies worked with me for crafting some awesome cookies. We have an annual client appreciation event at Sky Zone in Kitchener, and these would be the perfect parting gifts to give away as people headed out from the event. I wanted my clients (#BESTclients!!) to feel valued, special, and hey who doesn’t love cookies! 🙂

Here was some of the feedback from my clients about the cookies:

“They were so good!”

“Wow, these are so good, I am not a cookie fan but they not only look amazing, they taste even more amazing ?”

“These are amazing!”

— Made locally by a small business owner in Waterloo.

Check out their website / social media pages for more awesome cookies or to learn more: