Top 10 Tips for Selling a Home in Summer 2020!!! #BESTresults

Top 10 Tips for Selling a Home in Summer 2020!!! #BESTresults

1. Well, #1 of course is work with me, a pro, who is highly skilled and knowledgeable. Each member of our team has a passion for what they do. We will make a plan and make this transition as profitable and peaceful as possible. And that’s what most people want: an effective sale with minimal stress and great results, which is our specialty! 

2. Less is more. Inside your home, clear it all out! I always say that it is better to do the hard work at the front end before a sale, rather than on the back end after the sale. Why? Because the better your home looks, the more you will get. Not that it doesn’t look good now per say, but, to look its best we will send in our home staging expert to give you tips on how to maximize the space. This doesn’t mean clear it ALL out, essential pieces of course are much needed and we can work with your space as it is. Each situation is unique; however, less is always more. People are buying space and a lifestyle, so we want a nice clean and open space that home buyers can envision living in. Even if it is so clean that no one truly lives like that 😉 

3. Eliminate red flags. What do I mean by that? Well, when buyers are looking for a home, they have certain criteria and will book a showing if your home meets that criteria. Once they visit the home, now they are looking for red flags: things that are a concern, reasons not to buy the home, problems that may be there and potentially cost them money or a headache. Such as: a leak, mould, something really outdated, or something broken. It could be big, like a crack in the foundation, or it could be small, like a cracked tile. The amount of work you choose to do is up to you. It’s not always possible to eliminate all red flags, however we do want to address them as much as able so people can see all the awesome things about your home and not all the potential problems! 🙂 Makes sense, right? 

4. Clean up the yard! Time to cut the grass and refresh garden beds. While the main reason someone buys a home typically isn’t because it has great gardens, it is a very huge plus. Especially in this age where staycations and home life are of upmost importance, really. As well, when potential buyers come for showings, the front yard and gardens are one of the first things they’ll see. We all know the importance of curb appeal and first impressions. Have a pool? Oh man, well it’s your time to shine!! Rock the socks off your buyers, literally. This is getting exciting 🙂 

5. Hire help. You can’t do it all. A pro is usually the best course of action, if possible, for items such as painting, cleaning, drywall patching, and plumbing or electrical work. Reach out if you’d like the name of a top pro to get the job done well and on time. Time on your side is a good thing; if in a rush, you may not have time to book contractors in before listing. Reach out to discuss more. 

6. Video time! You’ve prepared your home and it looks AMAZING. Now it’s our turn to market your home. This is the super exciting part. We are going to craft an epic video and target your ideal buyer demographic. The emotional conveyance will be huge, and this easy-to-share video is perfect for buyers to share with their friends, family, and colleagues. Check out our youtube page or website for some of our past work: http://youtube.Com/BrianKeithEllis <> – <>

7. Fresh and clean. Making sure our homes are exceptionally clean, germ-free, and disinfected is important to both you as the home owner and prospective buyers. Have a bottle of hand sanitizer for home buyers to use on their way in and out. It’s a small step, but no doubt an important one. Health is wealth, as they say, and we all want to stay safe and healthy. 

8. Price it right. COVID-19 has thrown a curve ball at 2020, no doubt. The market has now, at the time of writing this, navigated it quite well and is thriving. Still, it is, as always, essential to really dig into the numbers and poise your home for a great sale price, and that begins with a solid list price. We can provide very in-depth knowledge on this as well as review past listings and photos etc. of similar homes that have sold recently. No pressure and no cost to you for us to do this review with you. 

9. What did kids used to say? You smelt it you dealt it? 🙂 For real, have someone who doesn’t live in your home take a whiff. We can’t smell our own homes; our brains are so used to it. An outside person can assess what your home smells like. And we want it to smell like: nothing! Nothing bad, nothing odd. Not freshly baked cookies or an air freshener. Because a bad smell is just plain bad, and a foreign smell raises doubt in the buyer’s mind, “what are they trying to cover up?” 

10. Market the house with a real estate professional. Work with the BEST. The more people we can market to, the more showings, the more offers, the more money you receive for your home. This is critical. There is so much we could go into here, and we can, let’s set up a time to discuss if you are interested in selling. But this is where we truly shine to ensure you are getting the best price for your home, and that we are connecting with buyers on a personal and emotional level. Buyers buy based on emotion. Advertisers know this! 🙂 Our team of pros is truly the whole package, and we take care of it all. 

This season is proving to be a great time to sell a house, for a variety of reasons. 

-low mortgage rates

-pent-up demand from people previously waiting due to COVID-19 concerns that are now more at ease

-a lack of homes on the market

-massive buyer demand, especially in the first-time home buyer price range

Contact me anytime to discuss. I am ready, willing, and able! 🙂

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