How to succeed in 2020!

How to succeed in 2020! ? 

None of this was on my vision board, you might say!! While life brings us surprises, challenges, and blessings we never expected, we can adjust our sail in any storm in life, and do our best. 

Here are my personal top 10 tips for success in 2020, and beyond. 

1. Focus in. 

Now, more than ever, you need to be clear about your priorities. You need to be focused on what matters. In all key areas of life. This will look different for everyone. Let’s not be judgemental or put others down (ever). You do you. And be the best you can be. 

2. The shift to video will be massive. 

Video is a brilliant tool to communicate. Whether that is one-on-one, a group chat, or a mass broadcast. Those who utilize video will excel. 

3. Plan ahead. 

Tough times don’t last, tough people do. Part of being tough, is planning ahead. While we never know what is ahead, for sure, we can make make smart decisions today, to be best prepared for whatever comes our way. 

4. Gratitude shift. 

Things we once took for granted, we are learning to appreciate. I read a quote recently by Jay Shetty, “If you want to wake up happy, go to bed grateful.” I’m grateful for the little things, because they’re actually the big things. Each moment, each blessing, is a massive gift. Treasure it. But don’t hoard. One of the best feelings is sharing, giving. It is so amazing, it’s life changing. I hope the gratitude and sharing will continue always…and keep growing!

5. Maintain your posture. 

Both in business, and physically! 

Stay calm and confident. Physically, take care of your body. In a tech world our bodies can bend in unnatural ways while typing, viewing screens, etc. Your heath is priceless, so take care of it. You can’t excel in business and maintain your best life if you’re not well positioned for success. 

6. Adapt, learn, and grow. 

While this is a time proven lesson over the ages, it’s a simple yet powerful message. The future belongs to those who will make the most of opportunity, work hard, and learn new things which they actually carry out time and time again, making changes and adjustments as needed. 

7. Kindness is the answer. 

I’m not sure what the question is, but kindness is the answer. Real estate coach, Mary-Anne Gillespie, mentioned we are in the Kindness Economy. People will remember what you did, and if you cared. Truly cared and took action. Be kind, always, you never know what someone is going through. It makes me think of Ellen DeGeneres. She is an extremely kind person and a strong promoter of being kind. 

8. It takes a village. 

Your network is going to play a larger role then ever, in 2020. You need to be there for them, and they will be there for you. We are stronger together, and 2020 will reveal what we are truly made out of. Be safe. 

9. Reflect. 

2020 will be a year we will always look back on, for the rest of our lives. The time we take to reflect, right now, will serve us for the rest of our lives, if we use this time wisely. All we have is this moment. Use it the best way possible, for your unique circumstances. 

10. Passion never dies. 

That fire in your soul, when you truly know what makes you tick, is a very powerful force. Be a force for good. Live in your strength zone. Often, we must step outside our comfort zone to grow. And we are better for it. Make smart decisions that drive you, from a deep soul level. It will make all the difference and make life special, brilliant, and memorable. 

— Wherever you find yourself, in 2020, and we all have unique circumstances, challenges, and blessings, I feel if we share them collectively, we will be better for it. Love, support, and encourage. There is no room for hate. Be smart. Be kind. We’re all in this together, on our home sweet home, planet Earth.


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