TOP 10 in 10‼️ ?

The top 10 moments of the past 10 years in real estate. ?? I’ve had SO MANY amazing times, it’s hard to break it down to a top 10, there are many many amazing moments, I should do a top 10 toughest moments list as well! But hey I’ll have fun with it and try as best as I can from memory to boil it down to my top 10 🙂

Here we gooooo! :)1️⃣0️⃣

1️⃣ Taking the leap.
Making the call to start a career in real estate. Thank you to real estate coach, Bruce Keith! You gave me the educated confidence and initial boost to go for it!

2️⃣ Connecting with a young thriving Realtor, Terronald Logan, based out of Austin, Texas, at Keller Williams. We met on Twitter! He introduced me to KW in 2011 and the rest is history. I’ve stayed obsessively consistent and focused.

3️⃣ Selling my first home.
It was a referral. For buyers looking to move to Kitchener. It was under asking, too! I had almost no idea what I was doing ? But I was excited, passionate, and ready to learn. Very thankful for all involved in that. And, I’ll add to this one, a top moment was selling my first listing for seller clients. Even way back then, it was over asking!

4️⃣ Getting chased out of a open house I hosted by the sellers two VERY ANGRY and territorial cats. ? What a story. ? ??

5️⃣ The church house, 39 Gissing St, going viral!! Over 3.7 million views! Thanks Lynn and Jonathan, the whole experience will ALWAYS be a thrill! ❤️ ⛪️ ? Thank you David for your skills by the way! ? Such a huge success.

6️⃣ In the hot market of 2017, helping buyer clients of mine win a home against 31 other offers. (They bought it for about 415,000 and in 2021 I sold it for them for $750,000.) when they bought the house, it was my 5th sale of the week. My second best week now.

7️⃣ Becoming the #2 agent in Canada for January 2017 at Keller Williams. I was totally shocked, and shocked to be #1 in my office in #WaterlooRegion for 4 years. ?

8️⃣ Breaking the Keller Williams International top 50 list, at #42 for Q3 in 2021! ? Goin’ global! I was invite to Gary Keller’s (Founder of Keller Williams) top agent mastermind but stayed home in ?? ☺️.

9️⃣ This is a big one: every amazing buyer and seller success. Those WOW moments that are truly special, after all our hard work, getting those BEST results. Just amazing! ❤️???

1️⃣0️⃣ The amazing friends/clients I get the honour of working with. Being apart of your lives in this special way. It means a lot. I love it. ???

Thank you!! ? ?

Looking forward to the next 10! 🙂